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NI-wide 5 days a week delivery 🚚
NI-wide 5 days a week delivery 🚚
Free delivery (orders over £75) 📦
Free delivery (orders over £75) 📦

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Our story


Hi there fabulous folk of Northern Ireland!  If you’ve landed here, you probably want to know what MuscleFood is all about. Let us take you on a wee journey of how we went from a small idea to a thriving business that's officially BACK making waves in Northern Ireland…

It all started way back in 2013 with a passion for fitness and nutrition. We quickly realised that finding high-quality, lean meats and healthy food options was like searching for a needle in a haystack.  The meats were either low quality and cheap, or super expensive for not much to fill your freezer with. 

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a one-stop-shop for all your nutritional needs that also suited your budget.  We called ourselves MuscleFood back then, and we quickly took the UK market by storm. 

In fact, the fabulous folk of Northern Ireland loved us with thousands and thousands of you ordering from us on the regular – which was awesome – hooray!  Then, the big B thing happened in 2020 and, reluctantly, we had to say goodbye for a little while – boo... 

We vowed then we would do absolutely everything we could to return so the people of Northern Ireland could enjoy top quality, nutritious meals without compromising on taste or breaking the bank to do so once more.

And guess what? We made it happen - hooray!

After all, Northern Ireland has always held a special place in our hearts, and returning to your beautiful country is a dream come true, but this time we wanted to do things a little bit differently…


Local Farms – Local Butchers – Unbeatable Quality

From day one, we set out on a mission to source the finest ingredients using trusted suppliers – and ship them from our purpose-built facility in Enniskillen. Why?  Well, we believe in working with farmers and butchers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

We want to support the community, champion local businesses, share the best culinary delights the Emerald Isle has to offer and deliver it right to your doorstep.

That’s why with MuscleFood you’ll get to enjoy Premium Irish Sausages by Loughnane’s Family Butchers.  Terrific Irish Turkey delights by McCaghey Turkeys – the gold standard in turkey products.  And beautiful Irish beef by Liffey Meats who’ve over 100 years’ experience in producing outstanding beefy goods!

So, whether you're in Belfast, Portstewart, Newry, or anywhere else in The Province, we're here for you. Join us on this adventure, and let's celebrate great food, health, and the joy of eating well together.

Thank you for being a part of our legacy and our future.  We can't wait to bring the MuscleFood experience back to your table!

Team MuscleFood