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NI-wide 5 days a week delivery 🚚
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Free delivery (orders over £75) 📦

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Our trusted Irish suppliers

Meet Our Suppliers

When we set out on our mission to bring the convenience of MuscleFood to the whole of the Emerald Isle, we had one major goal in mind: to ensure that you guys could enjoy tasty, top-notch products.

Of course, we knew there was only one way that was going to happen… by championing local farmers and butchers.

That’s why we scoured every nook and cranny of Ireland and Northern Ireland to find the finest ingredients – all bursting with that homegrown goodness we know you’ll adore all while enjoying the convenience of having these culinary delights delivered right to your doorstep!

So, in no particular order, let us introduce you to our fabulous suppliers… 


Liffey Meats

Meet Liffey Meats, the Irish beef exporter with a rich history that spans an impressive five generations!

Since 1905, they've been based in Castleblayney, making their mark in the meat industry. Mr. James Mallon, the founder, started a small butcher's shop in Co. Monaghan, supplying the local community with top-notch beef.

Fast forward to today, and Liffey Meats is renowned for their exceptional quality products. They've fostered strong bonds with Irish farmers, even opening their own farm in 1980, where they share knowledge and promote animal welfare.

They’re a family legacy committed to customer satisfaction and supporting local farmers, and you can enjoy a delicious selection of the beefy goods right here…


Loughnane’s Family Butchers

Say hello to Loughnane’s Family Butchers, a true gem in the world of quality meats, and the lovely folk that dish up all our tasty sausages!

Founded by passionate butcher Sean Loughnane in 1975, this family-run business has been delighting customers for generations. What started as a humble butcher shop soon grew into a multi-award-winning fresh food hall, serving up perfection in Galway.

Loughnane’s Butchers is famous for their delicious sausages and puddings, thanks to a winning combination of traditional recipes and innovative flavours.  

Always adapting to align with modern tastes, their commitment to top-notch products is unrivalled, and we’re delighted to be able to bring their super fabulous produce to your home.


McCaghey Turkeys

For poultry perfection, we knew we had to look no further than McCaghey Turkeys.

This trusted name in the poultry industry has been serving up delicious delights since Granny McCaghey started the business in 1951.

What began with just nine turkeys for Christmas has blossomed into a multi-generational enterprise driven by reliability and exceptional award-winning products.

Plus, all their turkey farms are fully approved by Bord Bia, a testament to their commitment to quality!

With a focus on customer satisfaction, McCaghey Turkeys ensures that their poultry is truly the cream of the crop… or gaggle rather…


Larmer’s Butchers

Operating since 1929 and now led by Stephen Larmer, this fourth-generation family-run business prides itself on incredible produce and unbeatable customer service.

They’re our smallest supplier here on site, but they’ve a big reputation in their home county of Monaghan, and as soon as we tried their Pork loin Steaks, we knew we simply had to have them on board – trust us, they’re class.

Handling many of our pork goodies here on site, Larmer’s Butchers trade in a farm-to-fork approach so you can enjoy every bite knowing the quality is top-notch and with great traceability too.

Not to mention they’re deliciously innovative when it comes to their sausages… just search Kinder Bueno Sausage to read all about it…